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  1. Dear John and Team

    Please would you extent thanks to all who organised and took part in the Heavy Horse Show at Capel Manor on Sunday (especially the horses). I have been looking forward to it and of course you produced as wonderful event as always. The highlight for me is always to be able to say "hello", stroke and talk to the wonderful gentle giants who we must protect and care for always.

    I particularly wanted to mention the Obstacle Event which we had not seen before. It was an extremely useful insight for the public to understand how horses see obstacles and how you teach them to become familiar with and not afraid of them. I was struck by the effect of the black matting. Of course, it helps riders to be aware of things that might cause a problem on the road too.

    The heavy horses looked fabulous in all their brass and dressed manes and their owners must be congratulated and thanked for taking the trouble, time and expense to give we public a wonderful day out.

    I do hope you find another venue for the second show if necessary because we miss it very much.

    Kind regards and many thanks.


    (Posted on 2017-06-06 12:18:00 by Glynice Smith)